Frank Catucci

Fotografo Matrimonio Abruzzo
fotografo matrimonio monza e brianza
fotografo matrimonio Monza Brianza
fotografo matrimonio Abruzzo
fotografo matrimonio monza e brianza
Fotografo matrimonio Milano
fotografo matrimonio milano

“Photography is not just about light and composition.Photography is about love”

ITALIAN Exclusive wedding photographer

I’m Francesco “Frank” Catucci, Italian photographer specializing in wedding photojurnalism. My style is characterized by simplicity and creativity.
Simple, beautiful and unique things become exclusive.
I love telling stories, telling people.
Telling what you are, in an artistic way, simple and natural, through a unique look.
“A calm person can tell a story spontaneously, a passionate person makes it unique.”
I do this through photography.
Make the moments unique, that you will live forever.

Some Works

Something about me

I’m Italian and with photography, I want to create unique, timeless works. Photographs like paintings, which you will be proud to hang. 
Unique photographs, like your wedding.
How I will do it: I will always be present, but almost invisible. I will be inside your story physically and emotionally, capturing moments, details and people. I do it with passion, because I love my job.
My goal is to make you live a unique experience, one of the most important days of your life and then allow you to relive them. Wherever you get married, I will be there, and together we will tell a wonderful story.
So what are you waiting for?

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