Frank Catucci

“Beauty is not in what appears, but in how we look at it”

People, like stories are unique. Unique as you.

Marriage is one of the most important moments in the life of two people, a unique and unrepeatable moment.

Photography plays a fundamental role, because it is the very testimony of your marriage, the one that you can continue to watch, reliving your emotions and your love.

Your wedding is a moment, which you have thought, imagined and desired for a long time. Think about how much you have focused on every single detail, because you want your wedding to be memorable.

That’s why the choice of the photographer should be thought out and reasoned.

I am an exclusive photographer, because my works are unique, simple and beautiful. Simplicity is a point of arrival, not of departure. Because simplicity, it needs to have a strong message behind it. What defines a good photograph.

Exclusive, because my works, my stories, talk about you. They are designed, reasoned and developed for you.

Unlike studies, which employ collaborators, you will know the wedding day, which offer repetitive services. You will end up in my photographs, you will end up living all the emotions of that day. I do not like locking myself up in the cliches of wedding, I do not like banal photos, I do not like mass-produced jobs. For this reason, my presence is essential. I do not entrust my work to anyone, because the empathy we have built together is not transferable.

I am meticulous, almost maniacal, because I want you to have a service that is yours, a quality service, made on tiptoe, with my discreet, almost invisible presence (as well as pure education, I am very attentive to dress code, because to be invisible, I like to look like a guest, you can tell me which one is yours and I will adapt, I willingly pass by the snakers, to the evening dress).

My services are a report of the wedding, but I do not exclude, if you want, portrayed posing.Reportage is not a style. If it were, we could say that a text can be written in poetry style. Reportage is a form of language, with its grammar and its syntax. I am not a photographer, I will be your photographer. I take care of every single step, the shot, the post production, the previw, the layout for the album, the printing and the packaging.

All work, which I do not give, because you have entrusted me with a very important task: to keep your memories. This task, as well as being an honor, is a work of great responsibility. For this reason, every year I do a limited number of jobs.

Quality takes time. If what you want is a unique, creative and accurate work in every detail, do not wait:

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