Frank Catucci

Ciao, I’m Francesco but my cousins who live in Rhode Island near Boston, when they came to Italy, called me and Frank, that’s how I stayed.
I live in Italy between Milan and Pineto, where I was born, in Abruzzo. A village on the sea, perhaps it is from here that I have always had the desire to leave and to tell. I love Boston Wedding.

I’m photographer, it’s what I like, what I love. I am a husband and father of four wonderful boys.

I like telling stories, I like telling people. I do it with photography. I try to say what I see in an authentic and spontaneous way, Italian Style. I do not like being a protagonist, but a discreet storyteller.

My photographs will speak of you, of what you are, of the beauty of your love. This is what you will find in my shots.

Being a photographer means looking at the world in a personal way, having our own vision, creating empathy, knowing.

I do not follow stereotypes, because my way of looking at things, people, watching you is constantly evolving. It is as unique as you. Speaking of which I love to read books to travel and, I confess, Netflix …….

I work in Italy, for the destination wedding I mainly work on the Como lake, Tuscany, Puglia and Costiera Amalfitana and ABROAD like Boston Wedding Photographer, in short, everywhere, there is a good story to tell.

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